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Photo of Andy

Meet Andy

At Enrych, we are priviledged to meet and support many remarkable and amazing people. Andy is one of them. This is his story…

I am in a wheelchair because I have got cerebral palsy.

When I go out people look at me like I am from Mars or I’ve got two heads just because I cannot walk and talk like everybody else. Some people shout at me and talk to me slowly, but I can understand – I took an A level in maths and I got an A*.

It makes me mad when people talk to the person pushing me, and not me. It’s like saying to me, ‘I’m not talking to you because you won’t understand’, but I do, as you can see by reading this!

So if you see me out and about, try talking to me; I will talk back, you might not understand what I am saying but that doesn’t matter because you will be treating me like you would expect to be treated.

That is all I am asking for. All I want is to able to feel like a human being.

I have been seeing my volunteer Jill from Enrych who comes to help me and this has enabled me to write a children’s book, so Enrych is a brilliant service for people with disabilities.

…Thank you Andy, for sharing your story, and giving such an insight into some of the issues disabled people face every day.